Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pregnancy Time

In this sojourn every woman feels the core of joy when they attain their pregnancy. At the moment they give birth to a child they are reborn and they very soon achieve the fulfillment of life. The period of ten months when they carry their loveable kid in their fetus is a very precious and special phase for them. Pregnant pretty ladies should be very careful in that very particular period and they are forced but lovingly avoid and add certain diets and practices.

Mostly Pregnancy women are advised to avoid certain habits they go behind which affects the fetus directly or indirectly which are very well known. However pregnant ladies should also avoid in taking of too much amount of coffee.

In one of the recent surveys conducted few months ago by Britain Researchers towards around 2500 pregnant ladies. They observed and discovered that too much intake of coffee leads to severe cause towards the growing fetus. And the quantity of coffee to be in taken, severe causes and the other distresses are published by the ‘British Medical Journals’ with respect to the survey Conducted by the Britain Universities.

In that review it is well said that pregnant ladies should drink only two cups of coffee moreover which should not exceed more than 2mls. If they intake excess amount of coffee, it shall lead to loss of baby’s weight, i.e. the babies will not gain the sufficient wait what they are supposed to gain. And also later in the growing stage these babies might face some severe troubles in their growth like growth retardations and many other problems too.

Even some babies are born dead and some babies are dying after few hours once when they are born. Hence pregnant women should be very cautious during this period and should avoid intake of more than 20ml to get rid of dangerous consequences.

Furthermore in the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy epoch they should be apart from coffee as there is a harmful substance called ‘Caffeine’ which can even head to abortions. Hence duchess be aware of certain things and enjoy the fruit of happiness forever.

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  1. During my pregnancy I always make sure take a balance diet fruits and veggies all the time..
    Pregnancy is the most delicate experience that can happen into a woman.

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